Hello and thanks for checking out my portfolio!
My name is Graham and I specialise in multiple fields of on-line development ranging from bespoke ground-up platforms, API connections, module development and E-commerce to none web-site related work such as banners, flyers, 3D modelling and more.

My portfolio shows a selection of my work, however it is difficult to show case all projects such as those involving pure code development.

For this reason some entries may not link to a site or further information. Looking for something similar? Get a quote here

Private wedding site
Private wedding siteSimplicity was key with this project with a vast amount of media to display the site had to work fast no matter the device. A small lightweight system was developed to showcase the special day using CSS3 transformation effects and live media modals.Private client
RC Flying  Android OS promotion
RC Flying Android OS promotionFrom drawings on paper to a real RC flying Android controlled by an Android phone using Wifi. Built for promotional purposes at flight shows challenged conceptions of what is able to fly in a unique way.
Foxmodelbouw Dutch NL hobby shop
Foxmodelbouw Dutch NL hobby shopThe guideline for this project was simple: To establish a presence on-line with an easy to use bespoke E-commerce platform. Within 6 months of launching had already outranked other hobby shops in most engines with no advertising budget.Private client
DiscountdragonA site selling home made crafting goods designed for ease of navigation with a simple to use cart and checkout system. Platform works cross platform and browser on any device for maximum compatibility.
MyFlyDream FPV E-commerce platform
MyFlyDream FPV E-commerce platformBeginning in China MyFlyDream international audience was low. With a dynamic friendly to use site in multiple languages and currencies it was not long before people worldwide placed orders enabling further development of additional products.Private client
DutchseedsbankKnown worldwide for their products this E-commerce system was designed as a flexible platform ready for modular upgrades in a fully fluid liquid design. Boasting a fully live 1 step check out process which supports over 8 payment methods.Private client