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Core development
API construction

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The Aquatic Centre
A well established local aquatic shop for all your tank and pond needs. Geared towards all platform types as a window shopping platform. Features youtube videos, guides and product browsing.
Created for community fans the design had to reflect a site that is easy to use and navigate. With many players already using multiple devices the site had to be as dynamic as possible and thus is viewable on a wide range of devices.
A Dutch E-commerce site that specializes in growing supplies. The interface for the shop was simplified to make user navigation clear and easily accessible. With a fully dynamic design and fast loading pages the site attracts a lot of attention.
Rhino developed 1:54 scale RC car
A bespoke designed 1:54 scale RC car chassis and shell for 3D printing and assembly, designed to an accuracy of 0.01mm. Only 55mm long and 22mm wide it houses all components to drive a fully proportional 2 channel RC car.
With the goal of branching out from Youtube this site was developed to show case videos in a dedicated play area to engage more viewers. With a simplified interface watching any video is simple and fast.